General Contractor Bekasi

General Contractor Bekasi

One of our most well known capabilities is General Contractor Bekasi : Civil, Steel Structure, Fabrication Dust Collector Supporting experience. PT. Asrico Putra Perdana provides fabrication and installation of structural steel and miscellaneous steel for all categories of projects. Our complete workshop & on-site fabrication facility allows ASRICO to provide complete one-stop services. These services include conventional column and beam structures for pre-engineered metal buildings, industrial and manufacturing, ducting, piping.

Machinery Installation


ASRICO offers full equipment and machinery installation services at your site as required or requested, so you can rest assured that both your equipment and staff will be fully operational. Our experienced industrial mechanics have the knowledge and know-how required to get your equipment and personnel running at maximum capacity in the shortest time frame possible.

We will arrive at your sight on-time with a professional attitude and demeanor ready to get your machines running optimally. Contact us today and let us show you what real customer service feels like.

Make ASRICO your first choice for on-site service and start experiencing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in good hands. Start to finish, big or small, we have you covered. Refine your business with ASRICO.

ASRICO team have the experience, knowledge, determination and capabilities to carry out many types of machinery maintenance, installation and modification issues that may arise. We have on-site workstations and the equipment to meet these challenges. Our on-site maintenance services will help to ensure the longevity of your machinery equipment.

This services are aimed at providing our clients with an easy cost effective solution to get the job done. Make us your first choice for all of your maintenance service: repair or machine refurbishment projects and start feeling peace of mind today! Start to finish, big or small, we have you covered. Refine your business with ASRICO.